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Winning Federal Contract Bids

Live Online only 10 spots left
Mar 18 - Mar 19, 2021
10:30a - 6:00p (Eastern Time)

Our comprehensive training covers essential bid development processes and the tools and techniques proven to be successful in today’s competitive federal contracting landscape. Following the workshop, you will possess the skill set and toolkit to use solicitation websites to identify the right funding opportunities, vet each opportunity, and develop a pipeline for pursuit. You will also be able to utilize best practices to create a capture strategy for better planning, developing and writing of proposals that are both compliant and compelling. You will understand the lexicon used in solicitations to successfully respond to selection criteria.

This training addresses the overall Funding Acquisition Lifecycle, including: Storytelling and Strategic Messaging Tradecraft, Reviewing and Unpacking Solicitations, Solutioning, Proposal Meetings and Schedules, Compliance Governance, Work Product Shell Development, Proposal  Content Origination, and Editorial Reviews. Our instructor will engage you in interactive exercises, lectures, and discussions so you can better understand how to develop a competitive and customer-focused proposal.

You will receive a workbook and other key resources that include: search engines, sample applications and proposals, exercises, and training materials.

Our curriculum is suited for all participants from small and large organizations, in the private and public sectors who wish to:

·         Acquire the techniques to writing competitive and winning proposals

·         Align their requests with the appropriate government agency(ies)

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

·         Make Go/No-Go Bid Decisions

·         Find Funding Opportunities

·         Vetting Opportunities for a Fit

·         Build Pipeline and Staff Capture Teams

·         Develop a Funding Acquisition Lifecycle Plan

·         Competitor and Marketplace Research

·         Win Themes

·         Proposal Management and Organization

·         Developing Compliance Matrices and Annotated Outlines

·         Address Solicitation Nomenclature and Selection Criteria

Mr. Jason Lee

Mr. Jason Lee

Jason Lee has over 25 years experience in federal, state, and private sector Request for Proposal response management and development. Mr. Lee spent 15 years in the U.S. intelligence community, serving as one of the highest-ranking Intelligence Analysts in the Senior Executive Service. He had tours of duty with the FBI, CIA, and the Office of Director of National Intelligence’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). While supporting IARPA, Jason chaired numerous source selection evaluation panels and served as an evaluator for a variety of others. Mr. Lee has served as a Contracting Officer and has substantial knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. He is also a certified OMB 300 budget officer.

He participated in the drafting and publishing of over two dozen solicitation efforts and reviewed over 1,000 proposals throughout his career. His longtime government tenure as a civil servant provides the unique optic from the “funder’s standpoint” to give bidders an incisive understand of exactly what proposal evaluators are looking for in a candidate worthy of an award. Jason also has invaluable private sector experience with proposal development. Mr. Lee has been published in over two dozen media outlets, including Wall Street Journal and American Banker, and has substantial experience as a continuing education instructor in both intelligence studies and proposal development.

Jason graduated from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business with a BS in Financial Engineering and a Masters in Global Security Administration from Johns Hopkins University.

Day One

10:30 am-

11:00 am

Introduction and Overview of Learning Objectives

11:00 am-

11:15 am

What is the Funding Acquisition Lifecycle?

11:15 am-

11:45 am

Fundamentals to a Mindset for Success

11:45 am-

12:00 pm

Where to Find Funding Opportunities

12:00 pm-

12:15 pm

Vetting Opportunities that Fit

12:15 pm-

12:30 pm


12:30 pm-

1:15 pm

Capture Management Strategy and Building a Bid Pursuit Pipeline

 1:15 pm -

2:00 pm


 2:00 pm -

2:15 pm

Market Intelligence and Competitive Research

 2:15 pm -

2:45 pm

Solutioning, Winning Themes, and Proposal Work Product Management

 2:45 pm -

3:15 pm

Color Rounds and Editorial Gates

 3:15 pm -

3:45 pm

Compliance Matrices and Work Product Shells

 3:45 pm -

4:15 pm

Trifecta for Unpacking a Solicitation

 4:15 pm -

4:30 pm


 4:30 pm -

5:00 pm

Walk Through Sample Solicitation and Shell-Build

 5:00 pm -

5:30 pm

Summary of the Day and Q&A

 5:30 pm -

6:00 pm

Overnight Homework Assignment


Day Two

10:30 am-

11:30 am

Summary of Previous Day and Review Homework Assignment

11:30 am-

12:30 pm

Past Experiences with Proposals Q&A

12:30 pm-

12:45 pm


12:45 pm-

1:30 pm

Comprehensive Practical Exercise

 1:30 pm -

2:15 pm


 2:15 pm -

2:45 pm

Peer Review

 2:45 pm -

3:45 pm

Participant Presentations

 3:45 pm -

4:30 pm

Lessons Learned

 4:30 pm -

4:45 pm


 4:45 pm -

5:15 pm

Ethics in Interacting with Government

 5:15 pm -

6:00 pm

Summary & Q&A

Preparing for the Workshop

Begin thinking of a type of contract on which you might bid. Consider potential contractors, such as Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Consider how you would answer the following questions:

Why is your service/product significant for a contractor?

What makes your service/product desirable to contractors?

How will you demonstrate credibility and excellence of your service/product?

What is the time frame of the contract you might seek?

How will you execute the contract agreement?


Click on your question below to see the answer. If this page does not answer your question, feel free to contact us.

General Questions:

Q. When should I register?
Q. How can I tell if a training session is full?
Q. When do I get information about the training I registered for?
Q. Will I receive additional assistance after the class?
Q. How can I network with the other participants?
Q. Can two of us use the online training together?
Q. Can I record/receive a recording of this training?
Q. Does the Capital Training Center offer courses with partner institutions?
Q. Can I share the materials I get with friends and colleagues?

Payment Questions:

Q. Do I need to pay when I register?
Q. What types of payments do you accept?
Q. Is U.S. currency the only type accepted?

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Capital Training Center (CTC) has the sole and absolute discretion to reschedule and cancel all workshops. In the event of such a cancellation, CTC will attempt to notify attendees two weeks prior to the scheduled workshop. If a participant has paid for the cancelled workshop and is unable to attend the rescheduled session, he/she will receive either a refund or a credit toward a future workshop. If we do not hear from the attendee within 30 days, they will not be able to receive a refund.

In no event shall CTC be responsible for travel arrangements or other costs related to or arising from workshop attendance or CTC’s rescheduling or cancellation of the workshop. Participants should contact CTC prior to making travel arrangements to ensure the workshop is taking place.

If you are unable to attend the workshop and wish to receive a full refund, CTC must be notified at least seven (7) business days prior to the start of the workshop.

If you cancel less than seven business days prior to the start of the workshop, no refund will be given. Instead, you will receive credit for a future workshop, which is valid for one (1) year.

Force Majeure: If a workshop is canceled due to reasons of Act of God or nature, war, riot, strike, or labor dispute, the cancellation policy will not apply and the fee will transfer to the rescheduled workshop. If participants cannot attend the rescheduled date, the registration fee can be utilized for any Capital Training Center workshop of the same cost during a period of exactly one (1) year from the date of the original workshop.

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